General Body Meeting PowerPoints & Minutes

Since we know some of our members cannot make it to every meeting, we will be posting all of our Meeting PowerPoints & Minutes here! If you have any further questions concerning missed meeting dates, please feel free to email our Secretary at

 FAll 2018

First general body meeting (8/28/18)




Second General body meeting (9/11/18)

Third General body meeting (9/25/18)

Fourth General body meeting (10/9/18)

fifth general body meeting (10/23/18)

Sixth General Body Meeting (11/06/18)

Seventh General body meeting (11/27/18)

Spring 2019

First General Body meeting (1/15/19)

Second General Body Meeting (1/29/19

Third General body meeting (2/12/19)

Fourth general body meeting (2/26/19)

FIFth General Body Meeting (3/19/19)

sixth general body meeting (4/2/19)