Volunteering Opportunities

There are many opportunities throughout the year to get involved with AMSA, and one of those is our volunteering events! We set up several events during the semester to ensure all of our members get the opportunity to participate! All of your volunteering hours will be cataloged on Knight Connect, so make sure you are signed up with us through that! If you have any questions about volunteering, please fell free to contact our Sergeant at Arms at sergeantatarms@premedamsa.com.

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Throughout the year, AMSA will host orientations for members to learn about volunteering in a hospital setting and will bring in representatives from different facilities such as Shepherd's Hope and Orlando Health. 

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VA bingo

For the past several years, AMSA has been volunteering at the Veteran's Administration (VA) in Lake Nona. We volunteer there on Monday nights for Bingo. Come out and play a few games with these great people!


base Camp

This year, AMSA will have a few events with BASE camp. This organization focuses on helping children who are patients at Arnold Palmer Hospital by bringing them dinner and a movie to a few kids on Friday nights.