Mission Statement

The mission of Pre-Med AMSA is to prepare Pre-Med students to become knowledgeable and well rounded medical school candidates through scholarship, networking, philanthropy and community partnership.


The AMSA Advantage

AMSA is one of the premier pre-health organizations on the UCF campus but the only Pre-Medical related organization. We strive to provide an opportunity for our members to become well-rounded applicants to medical school. We accomplish this through numerous events that are based around volunteering, research, and academics.


Ways to get involved in AMSA

  • Join AMSA. Become an official member by paying your dues here

  • Run for an officer position on our Executive Board. Officers are elected by a majority vote of the membership at our last meeting of the academic year. They are the backbone to our organization; they function as the backstage and onstage leaders for our organization's successes and efforts for our members.

  • Apply and interview for a Director position. An important part of our organization relies greatly on the leadership of our team of Directors. These positions are the single best way to begin your leadership in AMSA and are the stepping-stone to running for an officer position. Interviews are held at the beginning of the fall semester.


Point System

Aside from gaining so much for yourself that you can later apply to becoming a better physician, we like to reward and recognize our active and outstanding members. At the end of the year, the Top Point Earner will receive a free MCAT test prep course!

  • Attendance to Meetings with AMSA shirt - 4 points

  • Attendance to Meetings without AMSA shirt - 3 points

  • Attendance to Events - 2 to 7 points (varies on nature of event)

  • Bringing or taking a photo for AMSA - 1 point per photo (max of 7 points)

  • Writing an Article for “The Pulse” - 1-5 points (depending on the quality of the article)

  • "Liking" us on Facebook and being a part of our Facebook group - 1 points

  • Following us on Instagram (@premedamsaucf) - 1points

  • Following us on Twitter (@premedamsaucf) - 1 points

  • Adding us on KnightConnect - 1 point