As director of operations, you will have many responsibilities including: keeping our website updated for our members, creating documents for upcoming meetings, managing Knight Connect events, as well as helping with any special projects decided by the officers, especially the president. You will need a working knowledge about the ins and outs on how AMSA works, therefore, a previous year as an AMSA director is required for this position. This position requires dedication, commitment and flexibility, but is an especially rewarding directorship as you will get the most “behind the scenes look” on how our organization is run!

Positions available: 3

Directors Chosen: Juliet Cahow, Grace Morton, Riya Shah



Career Development

Previously known as Medical Relations and Career Development, the directors under this position will work together to plan AMSA’s trips to visit Medical Schools around the state of Florida as well as workshops centered around bettering our clinical skills and the career of medicine. These types of workshops will entail suture clinics, CPR training, vital signs workshops, shadowing opportunities as well as resume and interview workshops. These directors will be responsible for giving AMSA members an inside look of what medical schools in Florida have to offer, highlight the medical school environment and prepare members with certain clinical skills.

Positions available: 4

Directors Chosen: Katherine Lowen, Brianna Robinson, Esha Ghosalkar, Gabrielle Schimpf


The mentorship program is aimed towards helping incoming members or new students to UCF get a general idea of what they should be prepared for, help form a support system and get advice for all the premed excitement to come. These directors must have been a previous AMSA member for a minimum of a year and preferably finished their general chemistries and biologies. The director’s goal will be to help maintain an active mentor/mentee program with new and exciting events such as workshops or socials, etc. The directors will be responsible for contacting the mentors to ensure communication is established and the mentor/mentee meetings as required are occurring.

Positions available: 2

Directors Chosen: Umaima Haseeb, Parshva Sanghvi


The Research Directors serve as guidance counselors for those interested in becoming involved in the research aspect of medicine. The directors will be responsible for providing research workshops, discussions, and research opportunities to Pre-Med AMSA members. They will also serve as a link between Pre-Med AMSA and the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). Past research experience is preferred, at university or high school level.

Positions available: 2

Directors Chosen: Abdul Allaf, Devon Foster




This directorship is responsible for hosting events to raise funds for distribution to various clubs/organization. Fundraising directors play an absolute CRUCIAL role in the success of Pre-Med AMSA as a whole. Without this directorship we wouldn’t be able to put on some our most anticipated and successful events simply because we wouldn’t have the funding to do so. Fundraising directors will be responsible for planning fun and successful fundraisers not only to make money for medical trips and convention, but also to continue pushing limits that we haven’t done in the past. You will be working hand in hand with the Treasurer, arranging events and handling budgets as well as seeking sponsors. Ideal qualities would include previous fundraising experience and fresh ideas! The money is the motive!

Positions available: 5

Directors Chosen: Kaitlyn Ong, Katherine Jones, Tyler Loring, Ashley Thomas, Minh Vo




This directorship is specifically dedicated to fundraising for our Knight-Thon team and getting members involved. Knight-Thon is UCF’s biggest philanthropy that raises money, spreads awareness, and has ongoing support for the children of the Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically for Orlando’s very own Arnold Palmer Medical Center. Knight-Thon is a dance marathon that involves standing 20 hours FOR THE KIDS! We stand 20 hours to give participants a greater appreciation and understanding of the struggles these kids go through every day. We stand for the kids who can’t. This directorship will be responsible for planning creative fundraising events, coordinating hospital tours, promoting Knight-Thon partial proceeds, creating Knight-Thon banners, attending captain meetings and managing team meetings and bucketing events. The Knight-Thon director will be the link between the Knight-Thon executive board and Pre-Med AMSA. Most importantly this director has to have a passion for children and Knight-Thon! Experience with Knight-Thon is preferred, but not necessary. Pre-Med AMSA, FTK!

Positions available: 2

Directors Chosen: Lesly Corona, Daniela Velez

Media Relations

Media Relations Directors promote Pre-Med AMSA around the UCF community to gain new membership and membership involvement. The Media Relations directorship is a critical component for Pre-Med AMSA’s success. They will be responsible not only for recruiting new members into our organization and keeping members active, but also for promoting events that we will be putting on throughout the year. They will also have access to our Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram pages and will be responsible for promoting AMSA through social media. These directors should be personable, social and comfortable with approaching people. These directors should have the most availability for advertising events during classes, as well as tabling once a week. Experience with photography/videography and access to a standard commercial camera is preferred, but not necessary. These directors should also be comfortable taking photos and working with media to help document Pre-Med AMSA events and their members.

Positions available: 4

Directors Chosen: Julianna Lorente, Antonella Pena, Caitlyn Pham, Katelyn Gomez


Newsletter Directors will be responsible for creating Pre-Med AMSA’s bi-weekly publication “The Pulse”. They will work closely with the Secretary to learn how to integrate interesting health stories, comics, MCAT questions, and announcements. They will also be responsible for creating a write up on the speaker of the week. The directors will learn to use the template created for the newsletter and how to effectively write articles of their own, as well as ask the general members and other directors to get involved in submitting articles to be published.

Positions available: 2

Directors Chosen: Sarah Azhar, Isabel McCann



Health and Wellness

This directorship position aims to provide resources to student wellness that will allow physicians-in-training access to information for their personal growth, and well-being. They will be responsible to continue on events such as Gym Buddies, Nutrition Workshops, Stress Management Workshops, Food Day, as well as initiate new and creative workshops about nutrition, physical/mental health and sports-injury prevention. As well as personal wellness and growth workshops, this directorship will also be responsible for putting on new socials for members and organizing an IM sports team for a variety of sports. Past social events have been movie night socials and bowling. This directorship will encompass events concerning student health and fun, stress relieving socials for members to attend!

Positions available: 3

Directors Chosen: Britni Giardinieri, David Habib, Daniel Orozco

Health Policy

This directorship requires unbiased directors to teach our members about health care policy, the past and future of healthcare and current events happening within the healthcare field. This directorship is seeking members to inform the organization about the equal access to medical care and equality within medical education and help advocate for patients through curricular improvement, increased physician education, research and health-related resources. They will be required to hold events about the topics above, and be able to answer questions held by members. They will be able to empower future physicians with the ability to discuss implement solutions to healthcare injustices, as well as current health concerns. Past events have been workshops on the ACA and Health Policy Colloquy. This year we are merging the Gender and Sexuality directorship within this directorship to bring awareness to topics of LGBT Health Awareness and Women’s Health Activism. We are looking for neutral information on healthcare, not political battles!

Positions available: 2

Directors Chosen: Radhika Desai, Karin Zikra

Global Health

This directorship will work on improving health education at UCF and advancing the health of the world through education and empowerment. Economic disparities lie at the root of health problems all around the world. The staggering poverty that sabotages the households of billions of our fellow humans must be a focus of our advocacy. Including issues like debt relief in our efforts will help to provide our work some measure of sustainability. These directors will also be working in collaboration with the Sergeant at Arms and the President to plan workshops informing members on our upcoming Mission Trip. Such workshops include, but are not limited to: an overview on the health care system of the country we would be providing for, an informative presentation on the mission trip, a workshop to learn basic medical Spanish words, etc.

Positions available: 3

Directors Chosen: Kimia Badakshan, Alanna Carrera, Kadambardi Vyas




The main goal of the academics directors is to be dedicated to promoting academic excellence amongst Pre-Med AMSA members for matriculation into medical school. We want to stress the importance of MCAT scores and GPA for applicants, although they are not the only factors considered, they are critical in ensuring applicants are placed in higher tiers among other applicants. This is typically done through planning events such as workshops, study sessions, tutoring programs, stress relief workshops, and any other ideas directors may have. An unofficial transcript is required for the interview.

Positions available: 2

Directors Chosen: Christina DeBarro, Matthew Smith

Relay for Life

Relay for Life is one of UCF’s biggest and most important philanthropy efforts. The American Cancer Society is the nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Relay for Life is the way to take action and help finish the fight, it is a way to honor cancer survivors, remember those we have lost, and raise funds and awareness to fight back. Relay for Life is an organized, overnight fundraising walk. The Relay for Life directors will be responsible for organizing a team, creating fundraising events, preparing for the main event, and promoting Relay for Life to members. They are also responsible for any questions members have about Relay for Life and are the link between Relay for Life UCF and Pre-Med AMSA. Experience with Relay for Life is preferred, but not necessary.

Positions available: 2

Directors Chosen: Danielle Duffett, Marissa LaQuire


A Volunteering Director is responsible for the planning, organizing, and executing of all volunteering events that Pre-Med AMSA offers to its members. These responsibilities include contacting organizations for whom AMSA will be volunteering with, coordinating with other directors to ensure that the event is advertised properly, attending volunteering events, and setting up a carpool if necessary. While there are already a number of established volunteering events that you will help put together, listed below, we encourage candidates to bring fresh, new ideas so that our volunteering opportunities continue to expand and grow!

Positions available: 4

Directors Chosen: Daniela Castro, Parth Chandan, Ronni Creque-Aqui, Jackson Gill